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Over 40,000 Dealerships across the U.S. are now required to comply with GLBA information security compliance regulations effective June 9th, 2023.

Under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act "GLBA", the FTC may impose fines of up to $10,000 per violation, with each day of noncompliance considered a separate violation.

FTC Guidance Article -> Here

As an auto dealership, personal non public information is collected from consumers on a daily basis from various sources, and this information MUST be protected to comply with GLBA guidelines.

This includes information like names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, employment, bank information and much more. Regardless of the reason for the collection of this information, It’s important to understand how your dealership is subject to the strict laws mandated by the Ruling and how you can respond in the most efficient way possible.

Auto dealerships that fail to comply with GLBA regulations may face significant penalties, including fines and legal action, as well as damage to their reputation and loss of customer trust. In addition, GLBA compliance helps to promote transparency and accountability in the auto dealership's handling of customer data, which can help to build and maintain customer loyalty.

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vCISO Services

GLBA Requires automotive dealerships to designate a "Qualified Individual" to build and operate a compliant Information Security Program and review overall risk on a regular basis.

Information Security Program Development

Automotive Dealerships are required to document and continually manage a Written Information Security Program on an annual basis at minimum.

IT Policy Creation and Maintenance

IT policies and procedures are the backbone and heartbeat of your Dealership's compliance efforts. These documents need to be tailored to your organization to ensure appropriate steps are taken to protect your sensitive information.

Security Tools and Software

We deliver best in class technologies that provide visibility and the needed insight to make key decisions regarding your information security operations.

Vendor Risk Management

By using external parties for services such as direct marketing, customer relationship management, credit decisions, and other financing activities, your dealership is inherently at risk due to factors outside of your control. This risk needs to be accounted for annually.

Security Awareness Training

Keeping employees up to date on the latest information security safe practices is crucial to the success of your overall information security program and mandated by the FTC.

Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

Cyber security is evolving constantly with threats emerging daily. To ensure you are aware of potential vulnerabilities there must be an effort to scan all software, systems and infrastructure on a regular basis.

Internal Audit and Risk Assessments

Regulatory guidelines require regular assessments of your information security program both by your internal teams as well as externally from 3rd party experts.

Data Classification

GLBA requires dealership data to be organized according to "sensitivity" in order to apply the sufficient technical protections.


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